Feb 24 2021 - Apr 14 2021


8:00 am



Teen Yoga Series

Join Jess Murano from Prairie Soul Yoga and Fitness for an 8-week Yoga learning experience designed for ages 12-18.

Students will learn some of the basic fundamentals of as they begin their yoga journey. Research has shown that students who practice yoga have lower anxiety, depression, mood imbalances as well as reported feeling fewer negative emotions.

Throughout the 8-week session, students will:

  • Learn the physical practice of yoga-which will build strength, increase flexibility, improve balance and coordination, and help improve posture from being hunched over a smartphone or desk all day.
  • Learn mental health coping strategies through mindfulness and breathing. Along with the issues and benefits mentioned above, yoga also gives students the tools to help navigate the stresses of school, exams, the pandemic, and other social issues.
  • Learn emotional health. Studies show that teens tend to have a negative body image, and yoga teaches self-love, which can help teens be accepting of themselves during a time in their life when social interactions can be hard, which in turn leads to acceptance and compassion for others.

Together, with Avera Behavioral Health, Prairie Soul is looking forward to bringing you this virtual workshop. Participants will join on zoom each week for an interactive series. Link will be emailed each week to the registered email. Cost is free to participants.

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