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Welcome Workplace Campaign Impact Coordinators & Thank You!

WHy Workplace giving is important

You are needed, now, more than ever.

Many of us are shifting to operating in a virtual world due to COVID-19, which has significantly impacted our friends and neighbors who were already vulnerable. Social norms have been upended and the pandemic has pushed many to the breaking point surrounding health, education, and finances.

As an Employee Campaign Coordinator, your workplace campaign is a vital part of helping our community recover. Your willingness to support by using your time and talent–and the generosity of your colleagues—to fuel our work and the work of our 39 local agencies working on the front lines providing life-saving support for the children and families who need our help the most is incredibly valuable.

This toolkit includes everything you need to run a seamless and successful United Way workplace fundraising campaign—whether your employees are working remotely or in the office. All easy to access and easy to use. Kick-off your employee campaign in just two easy steps!

1. Getting Started

The 2020-21 campaign season is underway! The resources listed below are provided to help you kick-start creativity and run a successful United Way campaign. You’ll find best practices and ideas for hosting a fun and engaging campaign, whether in-person or virtual. The ECC Toolkit is designed to assist you in planning, implementing, and evaluating your campaign from beginning to end.

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ECC Toolkit

Virtual Fun-raising Ideas

2. Pick Your Campaign!

Everyone has enough on their plate these days, let United Way help customize your workplace campaign to include your branding, what causes your company cares about, and how you want your employees engaged. Click on the three options below on how you can bring United Way into your business!


Option 1: Hand-Raisers

In Person

I'll have the usual, please.

With social distancing and cleaning precautions in place, United Way can come into your business. Bring your employees together to listen to an in-person presentation, hear from our partners, and more!


Option 2: Game-Changers


Play It Again

Meet your employees where they are at-- United Way can create a campaign for you with emails, recorded or live presentations, and other virtual activities! 

Presentation Options

Option 3: Problem-Solvers


A little bit of this, a little bit of that...

Want to create a customized campaign that's just right for your company? Let's figure out how to engage your employee's at the workplace and at home.

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